Exploring the abandoned Bradmill.

UPDATE: I have been pretty inactive on this blog as of late but got this wonderful comment from a lovely lady called Denise a while ago that I’ve just read & really wanted to share with everyone. For me abandoned buildings has always been about the history, memories and stories that have been created in a place so i’m stoked to hear from someone who actually worked at Bradmill in the 70’s.

“I worked for Bradmill, at Yarraville, for 2 years in the mid seventies. When I saw the photos, I was transported back to that time, as a first-year-out-of-uni and pretty green engineer, when I roamed around the site. I fortunately learnt what was going on from people on the floor who had much experience and expertise. Many of these people had come from Europe after WWII and many were later arrivals. The women in the knitting mill were very dexterous with handling the fragile threads that were transformed into robust T shirt fabrics on the machines they were responsible for. The men in the dye house manipulated vast lengths of fabric to produce fabulous colours and many hues of blue indigo denim. When I buy a new pair of jeans, I always smell them to see if they have been dyed with proper indigo. It was a very pleasant, almost fresh, smelling dye house because of the denim dyed there with indigo dyestuffs. It was also lovely and warm in winter! The big gaping holes in the photo that look like giant keyholes were used to hold the stainless steel jet dyeing machines. In the seventies, these were quite hi tech and only the most able operators could run them as they operated at high temperatures and pressures.”


Yesterday I decided to go explore the old abandoned Bradmill in Yarraville. I have always loved abandoned buildings and find them so fascinating. The abandoned buildings I enjoy reading about and looking at are ones with history. Most buildings have a history I guess but this Bradmill is especially intriguing.

The only other building I have been to that was as beautiful as this one was the old Psychiatric Hospital in Bundoora called Larundel which I posted about last year.

Anyway, if you live in Melbourne and have been over the Westgate Bridge as any times as I have you probably would have noticed this old mill but not given it much thought. If you’re coming from Geelong way, it is just before the Bridge and you can take the Williamstown Road exit to get there.

I’ll try my best at writing a brief history below 😊

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Larundel Psychiatric Hospital.

Ever since I can remember I have found abandoned buildings fascinating, I think mostly because all the abandoned buildings I have seen were built back when buildings actually looked classic and beautiful, so there is something beautiful still about all the architecture despite it falling apart. That is the sad part, but on occasion developers come along or sometimes the building is heritage listed so it can’t be torn down, but the great thing is when they come along and restore the building to it’s beautiful old self again.

The other thing I find fascinating is the stories behind the buildings and the questions left unanswered, if only those walls could talk right?

The buildings are situated in Bundoora off Plenty Road right next to a Woolworths and a few other cafes, shops and flats.

You can read more about the history of Larundel by clicking on the links below;
Compact history of Larundel (Darebin Libraries)
Heritage Victoria listing
– Blogger Rachel Tsoumbakos goes in to depth of the history and current restoration works on the buildings on her blog which is a very interesting, accurate and thorough read

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