A brief look at Larundel Psychiatric Hospital.

Ever since I can remember I have found abandoned buildings fascinating. I love the architecture behind these beautiful old buildings. Even with crumbling foundations and peeling paint, I love finding the beauty in any building or place.

The other thing I find fascinating is the stories behind the buildings and the questions left unanswered, if only those walls could talk right?

Construction for Larundel Mental Asylum, as it was known, began in 1938 but was interrupted by the Second World War. For the next 5 years it was used as a U.S military hospital before being used as a W.A.A.F training depot in 1942.
It was then used by the Housing Comission as emergency accommodation from 1946 – 1949.

Larundel was then officially opened as a psychiatric hospital in 1953, housing 387 patients. Eight more wards opened two years later which housed another 360 patients.

During the late 1990’s many sites such as Larundel, Kew Cottages and Mont Park were closed as the need to move away from institutional care of psychiatric patients was realised.

The site is now being developed as part of the Lancaster Gate Housing development project and there are plans to build 550 new homes on the old site. Whilst some buildings of Larundel have been restored, unfortunately many others have been demolished or burnt down and vandalized.


One of the newly restored buildings that apparently no one has bought/ moved in to yet.

Inside some of the buildings that haven’t been demolished yet.


  1. Very cool post with even cooler pictures. Thank you.

    ~ Darling

  2. Oh Aimee – the photos you have taken are just GORGEOUS!

    1. Thank you very much! :) Your blog and photos are wonderful too! Your blog has the most thorough history on the buildings and is extremely interesting so thank you for all your hard work and research!! :)

      1. It’s hardly hard work when it’s a place you love ;-) I would love to take another trip into the public records office though – there are so many interesting documents there :-D

  3. swedenole13

    Good story…I love the old buildings too and often when they get a makeover they just become beautiful once again!

  4. […] was as beautiful as this one was the old Psychiatric Hospital in Bundoora called Larundel which I posted about last […]

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